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1. How far in advance do I need to schedule the program/visit?
2. Are there any costs associated with a program / visit?
3. How do I go about canceling my program / visit?
4. How long does a typical station tour last?
5. Will I receive a CPR certification with my CPR class?
6. Do the firefighters stay in service during a program / visit?
7. How long does a program last?
8. Can I have a birthday party at the fire station for my child?
9. What is involved with a Home Safety Check?
10. When can Home Safety Checks / Smoke Alarm Assistance services be scheduled?
11. Will I receive a discount on my homeowner's insurance by having a Home Safety Check completed?
12. May we use a room at the fire station for a meeting either before or after our program?
13. How can I send a thank you to the presenter(s) / station?
14. What happens if the firefighters had to leave for an emergency during a program / visit?
15. I submitted a request but haven't received a response - what do I do?