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1. Where will I take the assessments for Public Safety Communications employment?
2. What do I need to bring with me to the Public Safety Communications assessments?
3. What is proof of high school completion?
4. Will a college diploma or transcript count as proof of high school completion?
5. What is proof of US citizenship?
6. Will my social security card count as proof of US citizenship?
7. Why do I have to be a US citizen to become a Public Safety Communicator?
8. Can I apply to Public Safety Communications before I am 18 years old?
9. What do the Public Safety Communicator assessments cover?
10. Is there a dress code for the Public Safety Communicator assessments?
11. Can I use my Public Safety Communicator assessment scores from another agency?
12. How long does the Public Safety pre-employment process take?
13. What hours do Public Safety Communicators work?
14. What would disqualify me from being a Public Safety Communicator?
15. Can I reschedule my Public Safety Communicator assessment?
16. How do I reschedule my Public Safety Communicator assessment?
17. Can I just book a second assessment appointment on the Public Safety online calendar?
18. What is the secret code to secure an appointment to take the Public Safety assessment?
19. Can you work from home in Public Safety Communications?
20. Can you take the Public Safety assessments after hours or on the weekend?
21. What shift is Public Safety Communications hiring for?
22. Can I still work as a 9-1-1 call taker if I am not a US citizen but I am authorized to work in the US?