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1. What is your contact information and where are you located?
2. Why are solicitor’s permits required within the City of Plano?
3. What is the process to obtain a Solicitor’s Permit?
4. What forms of government ID are accepted and should I provide with my completed application?
5. Is there a cost to obtain a Solicitor’s Permit?
6. What methods of payment do you accept?
7. How long is a solicitor’s permit valid for?
8. What do I do once my solicitor’s permit is expired?
9. What happens if I solicit for my business without a permit?
10. Can I get my Solicitor’s Permit issued to me and my staff immediately?
11. Once I submit the Solicitor’s Permit Application(s), can we solicit right away?
12. If I have a valid Solicitor’s Permit, do I still have to comply with any “No Solicitation” signs I see?
13. If I have a valid Solicitor’s Permit, and a residence has a “No Soliciting” sign, can I still knock on the door or leave any material on the mailbox?
14. What about mail boxes? Can I solicit by leaving my flyer/handbill on the mail box? Even if I have a valid Solicitor’s Permit?
15. Am I required to carry my valid Solicitor’s Permit while soliciting within Plano?
16. What about if I have a valid Solicitor’s Permit, but I just forgot it in my vehicle or at home?
17. If a resident or an officer asks to see my Solicitor’s Permit, am I required to show it to them?
18. What are the guidelines for handling unwanted solicitations and handbills at your home?