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1. Why does the City of Plano have an Alarm Unit?
2. Who is required to have an alarm permit in Plano?
3. What is the penalty for operating an alarm system without a valid permit?
4. When should I apply for an alarm permit?
5. Where is the Plano Alarms Unit located?
6. What is the Plano Alarms Unit's mailing address?
7. What methods of payment are accepted by the Plano Alarm Unit?
8. How much does an alarm permit cost?
9. How do I apply for an alarm permit?
10. How can I pay to renew my alarm permit and/or pay false alarm fees?
11. How do I update my contact information for an alarm permit?
12. Are alarm permits transferrable?
13. How do I cancel my alarm permit?
14. How do I reactivate my alarm permit?
15. What is a false alarm?
16. What are the fees for false alarms?
17. Can I appeal false alarm fees?
18. Is the Plano Police Department capable of receiving video if my alarm system is monitored with a camera system?