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1. Where is the City of Plano Human Resources office?
2. Why is the Plano job application site showing an error when I enter my employment information?
3. How do I know the status of my City of Plano employment application?
4. How do I know if I am qualified for the job posted on the Plano site?
5. Should I turn in a resume with my application?
6. Can I submit my resume instead of completing the job application form?
7. Can I leave anything blank on the job application?
8. Can I apply for multiple job postings at once?
9. Why didn't I receive a confirmation email after my job application?
10. Why didn't I receive a response to the email I sent to
11. How long does my job application stay on file?
12. Will I be informed if I did not get the job I interviewed for?
13. Is a drug test required to begin employment with the City of Plano?
14. Do I have to take any skill tests to qualify for a job?
15. Do all City of Plano employees get benefits?
16. Does the City of Plano participate in Social Security?