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1. Where can I get Parks and Recreation updates on COVID-19?
2. How do I register for a Parks and Recreation class?
3. Where can I find information about Plano recreation center memberships?
4. Where are Plano Recreation centers and pools located?
5. Where can I get information about my Plano recreation center account?
6. How can I become an instructor at a Plano Parks and Recreation facility?
7. Where can I swim in Plano?
8. What is Adapted Recreation?
9. Where are Plano parks located?
10. How do I reserve a park pavilion?
11. How can I find trail information in Plano?
12. Where can I find information about Plano Youth and Adult Sports Leagues?
13. How can I find a sports field for team practice?
14. Where can I launch a model rocket in Plano?
15. Where can I find park rules and ordinances?
16. What is the status of Plano Parks and Recreation construction projects?
17. Where can I find Plano park irrigation information?
18. How can I volunteer in Plano?
19. How can I volunteer to cleanup a Plano park or creek?
20. Who do I contact about an eagle scout project?
21. Where can I fish in Plano?
22. Do I need a license to fish in Plano’s lakes/ponds?
23. What kind of fish are stocked in Plano’s lakes/ponds?