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1. What is the purpose of a building permit?
2. Why do we need a building permit?
3. Why is a building permit important?
4. How do I know if I need a building permit?
5. What projects typically require a building and/or zoning permit?
6. When is a building permit not required?
7. How much does a building permit cost?
8. How does Plano keep track of who is using building permits correctly?
9. How do I know who has an approved building permit?
10. Who ensures building code compliance on a project site?
11. Who ensures building code compliance if there is no contractor?
12. How long does it take to get a building permit?
13. Is there a time limit on building permits?
14. What is a setback?
15. What is a utility easement?
16. What are the rules for prefabricated metal sheds and carports?
17. What should I look for in a contractor?
18. Which contractors must be licensed?
19. Should I take the building permit out for the contractor?
20. Will the City of Plano inspect my home and tell me what is wrong if I am having problems?
21. Before I start digging, what do I need to do?