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Community Cleanups Online Registration Form

  1. Select a Location

    Please select a location in your neighborhood or area to clean. A location will be assigned to you if you cannot find a littered creek, park, empty lot, road, or campus in your neighborhood. Take bags of collected litter to your church, school, or organization's dumpster for disposal

  2. Does cleanup include youth volunteers under 18 years?

  3. (If you don’t have an area you’d like to clean, one will be designated for you. Please list the cross streets of the preferred area you’d like to clean. A map of the area assigned will be in the packet you pick up.)

  4. Note

    All cleanup volunteers must sign the “Release of Liability” form prior to the cleanup event. Minors participating in the event must have their parent / guardian sign the form. These forms will be in the packet you pick up and may be faxed to (972) 769-4219 or mailed to 4200 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75093.

  5. Immediately following your cleanup, call Autumn Dillon at (972) 769-4369 with the number of bags of litter collected and the number of participating volunteers.

    Questions? Send us an email or call the Environmental Education and Community Outreach office at (972) 769-4369.

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