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Police Department

  1. Alarm - Cancel a Permit
  2. Alarm - Transfer a Permit
  3. Compliment an Employee

    If a Plano Police Department employee has done a good job and you want to say 'thanks' you can call or visit the Police Department... More…

  4. Employment - Submit Name
  5. Solicitor Complaint
  6. Speaker / Presentation Request
  7. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Please let us know if you have a specific traffic related problem in your area that you feel needs attention by filling out the... More…

  1. Alarm - Contact Us
  2. Community Camera Program

    Information gathered from this form will be used to compile a list of privately owned security cameras within the City of Plano. Any... More…

  3. Contact Us

    Enter your comments, suggestions, or concerns to the Plano Police Department in the space provided below. The Plano Police Department... More…

  4. Neighborhood Crime Watch Program
  5. Solicitor Permit - Contact Us
  6. Taxicab & Limousine - Contact Us
  7. Training Registration