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Pop-Up Trailer Registration

  1. Trailer Use*

    I hereby acknowledge the Trailer is specifically meant for community building events hosted by a registered Homeowners Association, Neighborhood Association or Crime Watch group. Events must be open to all members of my group and preferably to others who also live in my neighborhood. Utilizing the Trailer for private events, including, but not limited to, birthday parties and graduation parties is strictly prohibited. Failure to respect the intended purpose of the Trailer may result in my neighborhood group's loss of our ability to reserve and utilize the Trailer for two years.

  2. Primary Contact

  3. Preferred Method of Contact*

  4. Secondary Contact

  5. Per Ordinance No. 2003-4-16, block parties must be held between the hours of 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM


    The trailer will be dropped off at the approved address on Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday morning. Residents will not be permitted to move the trailer at any time.

  7. Please list the address where you would like the trailer parked. Please note that this location is only a request. City Staff, including Police, will help to determine an approved location for the trailer.

  8. Indicate what street(s) you would like to close for the block party. Please be specific. Include cross streets and/or block numbers. You will still be required to complete the street closure petition mentioned above.

  9. Is your neighborhood registered?*

    Does your neighborhood have an HOA, Neighborhood Association, and/or Crime Watch registered with the City of Plano? Not Sure? Contact a Neighborhood Planner at 972-208-8150.

  10. A permit may be required for the items below.*

    Will you have any of the following?

  11. How did you hear about the Pop-Up Party Trailer?

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