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Russell Creek Park


Russell Creek Park_ FAQs

Russell Creek Park Playground Master Plan

Russell Creek Park_ FAQs

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  1. Baby swings
  2. Baseball Fields
  3. Hike and bike trails
  4. Pavilion
  5. Playground
  6. Restrooms
  7. Sand volleyball court
  8. Soccer Fields
Russell Creek is a large community park with dedicated athletic complexes for soccer and baseball. The park also has a small lake, hike/ bike trails, pavilion, playground, sand volleyball and restrooms. For information on field reservations call 972-941-5413 or email fieldreservations@plano.gov.

Map of Russell Creek Park

Map of Russell Creek Park Trail

Map of Russell Creek Greenbelt

Pavilion Reservations
The pavilion at Russell Creek Park is available for reservation. Please visit our Pavilion Reservation page for more information. 

Map of Russell Creek Park Pavilion

Russell Creek Park Playground Renovation
 Russell Creek Playground 2.1 20170907_150700
May 8 Meeting Presentation
March 19 Meeting Presentation