Urban Forestry

Trees are a renewable resource for our community! Their preservation and the preservation of our green spaces is everyone’s responsibility. Plano Parks & Recreation crews work every day to nurture, maintain and replenish our public tree population. The fruits of their efforts will serve as an everlasting legacy for generations to enjoy. Our award-winning City of Excellence appreciates that trees:

  • Make Plano more beautiful
  • Provide oxygen and improve air quality
  • Increase property values
  • Provide shade for our homes, parks, trails and streets, which reduces air-conditioning and heating bills
  • Absorb carbon particulates in the air and reduce the greenhouse effect
  • Are home to wildlife species
  • Help manage stormwater run-off
  • Create green spaces that help improve our physical and mental well-being

The Plano Parks & Recreation department has developed an Urban Forest Master Plan to address the longevity of the City’s trees. This Plan provides the vision and direction for managing our public trees and the growth of tree canopy throughout the City over the next 25 years.

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