Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention, headed by Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Chris Vike, is responsible for applying and enforcing the International Fire Code as adopted by the City of Plano. Duties include the areas of enforcement, engineering, and investigations. These responsibilities are carried out by thirteen uniformed personnel and two senior administrative assistants.

Enforcement Activities

  • Issuing permits
  • Counseling juvenile fire setters
  • Fire investigations
  • Conducting inspections on existing buildings
  • Providing training to Emergency Services personnel on fire inspections, investigations, and fire protection systems

Conducting Investigations

While each fire officer is trained in fire origin and cause investigations, Fire Prevention members are certified to conduct a basic level of investigation, including the filing or arson charges when criminal acts have been committed and providing expert courtroom testimony.

Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering is a key responsibility of Fire Prevention and links Plano Fire-Rescue to the developing community. Services such as plan review, environment site assessments, permit, and new/existing life safety system inspections are available to builders and developers. Members of Fire Prevention are involved in the development of national, state and local codes and ordinances, which will ensure that fire-safe facilities are built and maintained for years to come.