Food / Restaurant Inspections

Inspection & Scoring

Routine inspections are unannounced and performed at regular intervals throughout the year based on risk category. Risk levels include low, moderate and high risk with routine inspections conducted two, three or four times a year depending on the establishment’s risk level.


Establishment scoring is based on specific violation values assigned to each violation. There are two violation types:

  • Critical
  • Noncritical violations

Critical violations are improper practices and actions that directly contribute to food contamination and temperature abuse that may pose an immediate risk to public health resulting in a foodborne illness or injury. Critical violations must be corrected immediately or as directed by the Environmental Health Department.

Noncritical violations are unacceptable practices that normally relate to the physical condition of an establishment including equipment, cleaning and storage. Noncritical violations must be corrected before the next routine inspection or as directed by the Environmental Health Department.

Grading Scale

Restaurant scores range from a letter grade of an “A” to “F." Receiving a grade of “F” will result in immediate closure of the establishment.

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Plano Environmental Health Department at (972) 941-7143.

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