Fine Payment Information

Fine Information

The chart below details the total fine for both regular and school zone violations. The fine includes applicable court costs (see asterisks at the bottom of the chart).

Pay a Fine Online

Payment by Mail

Fine payments may be mailed to (checks made payable to: City of Plano):
Plano Municipal Court
P.O. Box 860828
Plano, TX 75086

Please note: Payments that are not received on or before your appearance date may incur additional fees.

Payments in Person

The Court Clerk’s Office has two convenient locations where you may pay your fine. Please see Location and Hours for further information.

Regular (Non-School Zone)School Zone
MPH Over Posted LimitFine*Construction Zone Fine*Fine**Construction Zone Fine**
1-10$184.00$ 234.00$ 259.00$ 359.00
11$189.00$ 244.00$ 269.00$ 379.00
12$194.00$ 254.00$ 279.00$ 399.00
13$199.00$ 264.00$ 289.00$ 419.00
14$204.00$ 274.00$ 299.00$ 439.00
15$209.00$ 284.00$ 309.00$ 459.00
16$214.00$ 294.00$ 319.00$ 479.00
17$219.00$ 304.00$ 329.00$ 499.00
18$224.00$ 314.00$ 339.00$ 519.00
19$229.00$ 324.00$ 349.00$ 539.00
20$234.00$ 334.00$ 359.00$ 559.00
21$254.00$ 374.00$ 359.00$ 559.00
22$274.00$ 414.00$ 359.00$ 559.00
23$294.00$ 454.00$ 359.00$ 559.00
24$314.00$ 494.00$ 359.00$ 559.00
25$334.00$ 534.00$ 359.00$ 559.00

* Includes $134.00 in court costs. ** Includes $159.00 in court costs.

Offenses & Fines

Animal at Large$126.00No Drivers License$281.00
Animal/No Vaccination$276.00Parking/Handicap Zone$514.00
Animal/Refuse to Sterilize$276.00Passing/No Pass Zone$234.00
Animal/Barking Dog$176.00Passing/School Bus$659.00
Disregard Red Light/Accident$334.00Public Intoxication (first offense)$381.00
Disregard Red Light$234.00Registration/Expired$121.00
Disregard Stop Sign$194.00Registration/None$121.00
Disregard Police Officer$334.00Theft Under $100$381.00
Disregard Traffic Control Device$184.00

Driving While License Invalid (DWLI)$281.00

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (first offense)$331.00

Failure to Appear or Appearing Late

The fine amount will increase by $50.00, not to exceed the maximum amount allowed by state law, if no appearance within 15 calendar days from the date of the offense.

Note: If you are using this fine chart to determine the state costs and bond amount required for deferred disposition, please note that if you are outside your appearance date, the bond amount will be the maximum fine amount allowed by state law. You must contact the clerk’s office to determine the exact amount.


If you need a fine amount that has not been stated, or if you need to speak with a clerk, please call our automated telephone system at 972-941-2199 during regular business hours.

Please make all check payments payable to the City of Plano Municipal Court.

You may also pay fines online via credit card. Payments made through the online citation payment system may incur a processing fee.