Squad Program

The Squad Program is an Advanced Paramedic program that works closely with our Medical Director and his medical team along with the EMS division of the fire department. First put in service in October of 2013, the Squad program is dedicated to making the EMS system better as a whole to the benefit of the community. The Squad operates out of Station 4 and consist of a 2 person team. That team is made up of a Lieutenant and a Firefighter. Both positions are Paramedics and are credentialed to a higher standard than the rest of the Fire Department. Plano Fire-Rescue Squad 1

The Squad responds to all high acuity EMS calls. It also responds to all structure fires in the city. Since the Squad is a small group of personnel, it has response capabilities like no other unit in the Department. Along with our running 911 calls, it also provides an EMS training component. All new Firefighter/Paramedic to Plano Fire Rescue rotate through the Squad as part of their internship. This helps deliver a clear and consistent message to each and every Paramedic while getting them the exposure to the high-acuity calls. The squad program also helps deliver training to the entire department.