Community Paramedics

Plano Fire-Rescue Community Paramedics

Plano Fire-Rescue began our Community Paramedicine Program in 2014. The program follows the blue print found in the landmark document EMS Agenda for the Future, which called for EMS to add service lines and, therefore, value to the communities it served through: “Community-based health management... fully integrated with the overall health care system... able to identify and modify illness and injury risks... able to provide acute illness and injury care and follow-up, and, able to contribute to treatment of chronic conditions and community health monitoring...”. 

The Community Paramedicine Program has since grown in partnership with local hospitals and numerous charities to provide service to those residents experiencing chronic medical conditions, at-risk social and environmental issues, mental health, and homelessness. Through these partnerships, a community needs assessment provides real time data on the state of healthcare and living conditions within our community. Specifically, the Community Paramedicine Program offers services in the areas of readmission avoidance, high 9-1-1 utilizer group (HUG), mental health and substance abuse, and healthcare navigation with social service referrals. Each member serving as a Community Paramedic is a highly skilled paramedic who is currently serving in emergency operations. They receive additional ongoing education in the areas of service by highly regarded physicians and specialists within our community. We partner with all local hospitals who provide the education and help to provide oversight along with the EMS Medical Director. 

The community Paramedicine program offers service with stPlano Fire-Rescue Community Paramedicate of the art equipment provided by grants and local hospitals. Equipment such as; point of care ultrasound, mobile laboratory and electrocardiogram can all be obtained in the comfort of the patient home. Patient education is provided one-on-one and through professionally produced videos. The hallmark of our service is patient-centered service. We strive to provide our service by addressing the cost of healthcare, obtaining the appropriate care from the right professionals and obtaining/providing care at the right time. 

Community paramedics can be reached 24/7 and provide urgent care when the patients need it most. For more information, you can email or call 972-941-7297.