Designated Sites & Districts

Designated sites and districts include properties that have received recognition for their historic significance from the City of Plano, the State of Texas, or the National Parks Service. Locally designated properties receive the greatest level of protection and are subject to review by the city's Heritage Commission. Click on the tabs below to learn about historic sites and districts in Plano.

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  1. Locally Designated Sites
  2. Locally Designated Districts
  3. Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks
  4. National Register of Historic Places

The City of Plano currently has 34 locally designated sites, referred to in Plano as "Heritage Landmarks."  These include structures, sites, and cemeteries which have been deemed significant to the city based upon their own individual merits. The Ammie Wilson House was the first designated property in 1981. The Saigling House is the latest, designated in November 2018. 

Heritage Landmarks Interactive Map 

H-1Ammie Wilson House
1900 W 15th Street
H-2Roller House
1413 E 15th Street
H-3Aldridge House
1615 H Avenue
H-4Carpenter House
1211 E 16th Street
H-5Forman House
1617 K Avenue
H-6Olney Davis House
901 18th Street
H-7Lamm House
1709 H Avenue
H-8Moore House/
Masonic Lodge
1414 J Avenue
H-9Plano National Bank/
IOOF Lodge
1001 E 15th Street
H-10Mitchell House
609 E 16th Street
H-11S. B. Wyatt House
807 E 16th Street
H-12Interurban Station
901 E 15th Street
H-13Bowman Cemetery
Oak Grove Drive
H-14Carlisle House
1407 E 15th Street
H-15S. J. Mathews House
901 17th Street
H-16Wells Homestead
3921 Coit Road
H-17Wall-Robbins House
1813 K Avenue
H-18Hood House
1211 E 15th Street
H-19Little Carlisle House
1611 K Avenue
H-21R. A. Davis House
906 18th Street
H-22Mary Schimelpfenig House
914 18th Street
H-23Schell House
1210 E 16th Street
H-24Plano High School
1517 H Avenue
H-25Merritt Building
1023-1025 E 15th Street
H-27Will Schimelpfenig House
900 17th Street
H-28Hughston House
909 18th Street
H-29Schimelpfenig-Dudley-O'Neal House
906 17th Street
H-30Salmon House
1414 E 15th Street
H-31Bagwill-Sherrill Building
1015 E 15th Street
H-32Arch Weatherford House
1410 E 15th Street
H-33Thornton House
900 13th Street
H-34McCall-Skaggs House
1704 N Place
H-35L. A. Davis Cemetery
1000 H Avenue
H-36Saigling House
902 E 16th Street