Petition Information

The City of Plano provides standard citizen petition forms for charter amendment, initiative, referendum and/or recall. Please be aware that the laws regarding citizen petitions are not uniform for every subject matter or for every petition category.

Each type of petition has specific legal requirements that must be met in order to be valid. Certain subject matters are not subject to citizen vote. Additionally, state law requires separate petition forms to be acquired from the Plano City Secretary on certain matters. For example, alcohol sale petitions must be obtained directly from the City Secretary’s office.

The City of Plano provides this overview as a general reference guide to the citizen petition process. The information provided in this section should not be interpreted or relied upon as legal advice. Petitioners are responsible for legal compliance when engaging in the petition process. Laws can change frequently and rules vary among different petition types. Please consult a lawyer with experience in election/petition law if you have any legal questions regarding the citizen petition process. City staff cannot provide legal advice to citizens.

Please keep this in mind while reviewing the following reference information on the citizen petition process.

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