Dangerous Animal Complaints

Dangerous Animal Complaints If any animal is at-large and acting aggressively towards passers-by, please call 911 and report it immediately.

Plano Animal Services encourages responsible pet ownership through continued education and outreach efforts. Sometimes incidents may occur that lead someone to believe a pet creates an on-going risk to the health and safety of the community. In these situations a Dangerous Animal Complaint can be filed and PAS will investigate to see if intervention is necessary.

Dangerous Animals Ordinance

Dangerous Animals are regulated by Plano's Code of Ordinances in Chapter 4, Article IX. An informational packet listing the pertinent ordinances as well as the required affidavit can be downloaded at the link below.

The following animals have been deemed Dangerous in accordance with Plano's ordinances. If any of these animals are found to be at-large, please report it to 911 immediately.

Find photos and addresses for all animals deemed dangerous in Plano by clicking on the Story Map icon below.

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