Nuisance Noise

Nuisance Noise Complaints Animal Services Officers will investigate every complaint that is received, however they must do so within the limits of state and local law. Officers can issue citations only for violations of city ordinance that they personally witness. There are also other requirements for noise and nuisance complaints that must be met before any type of prosecution can occur.

Animal Services will utilize the following process when nuisance noise complaints are received:

  • First Complaint
    • No noise log is required. Owner will be contacted via mail or in person by an Animal Services Officer. Complainant will be contacted via mail to outline how future complaints will be handled.
  • Second Complaint
    • No noise log is required. Owner will be contacted in person by an Animal Services Officer.
  • Third and all Subsequent Complaints
    • Complainant must submit a notarized complaint affidavit and noise log to the Animal Shelter. The information will be evaluated by Animal Services personnel and submitted to a Municipal Court Prosecutor if evidence of a violation exists. The Prosecutor will then make the final determination of whether the case can proceed. Animal Services Officers cannot continue to make contact with the owner.

The standard procedure for responding to nuisance noise complaints is for the owner to be contacted either in person or via mail for the first two complaints so that an Officer can make them aware of the situation and hopefully provide advice on curtailing the nuisance. Plano Police Department will respond to any after-hours nuisance noise issues on a low-priority basis.

Noise complaints must meet certain criteria before any citation can be issued. In most situations, Animal Services Officers cannot issue citations to owners of barking dogs since they cannot testify to the persistent, on-going nature of the noise as is required by ordinance. Anyone who witnesses a possible infraction can file a complaint at the Plano Animal Shelter. The complainant must also complete a Noise Complaint Form so that it can be reviewed for evidence of a violation. If there is sufficient evidence of an ordinance violation, a citation may be issued to the owner of the animal. These complaints cannot be made anonymously and the witness must be prepared to testify should the owner contest the citation.

Read Plano's Nuisance Noise Ordinances.