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1. Where is Accounts Payable located and what are the hours of operation?
2. How can I learn more about the budget and finance process?
3. Can I drop off my invoices?
4. Where can I mail an invoice?
5. Where can I mail payment?
6. How can I replace a stale dated or lost check?
7. Can I pick up my check?
8. What is the status of my payment?
9. I need information about my 1099.
10. I have a new Tax ID number. Who do I need to inform?
11. I have a new address. Who do I contact?
12. Who handles returned checks?
13. Who are the City's financial advisors?
14. How does a broker apply to be an approved broker for the City?
15. How does a citizen purchase City of Plano bonds?
16. Who collects property taxes for the City? What is the phone number?
17. Who do I contact to request a Homestead Exemption for property taxes?
18. Who collects and handles the City's revenue?
19. How do I submit a Public Information Request?
20. What is the City of Plano’s Fiscal Reporting Period?
21. What property is listed on the City of Plano’s Unclaimed Property site?
22. How do I become an approved investment broker for the City?