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1. What is a building permit?
2. What is the value of a permit?
3. When do I need a permit?
4. What projects typically require a building and/or zoning permit?
5. When is a permit not required?
6. What does a permit cost?
7. How does the City make sure people are getting building permits when they are required?
8. How do I know who has an approved building permit and who does not?
9. Whose responsibility is it to see that the building code is followed?
10. How long does it take to get a building permit?
11. Is there a time limit or expiration date on permits?
12. What is the difference between a setback and a utility easement?
13. What are the City’s rules concerning prefabricated metal sheds and carports?
14. What should I look for in a contractor?
15. Who must be licensed?
16. Should I take the permit out for the contractor?
17. If I am having problems with my house (siding rippling, roof leaking, foundation cracking), will the City inspect it and tell me what is wrong?
18. Before I start digging, what do I need to do?