Why do I see water coming out of a fire hydrant?
At times, the City of Plano undergoes hydrant flushing efforts. While citizens often find flushing a confusing sight, it is a very common and necessary practice to ensure safe and healthy water for customers, especially during hot summer months. Flushing hydrants is effective in that it allows the City of Plano to address specific areas of the system where problems are occurring.
The North Texas Municipal Water District adds chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia to the water supply at its treatment plant in Wylie. Chloramines are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria. But during hot summer months, those chloramines break down, leaving the water unprotected. In hot weather, chloramines break down faster. Cities like Plano flush hydrants to keep water circulating. It’s the best prevention to make sure water flows free of bacteria and is safe to use.
Watch this video to learn about hydrant flushing.

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1. Why do I see water coming out of a fire hydrant?
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