Community Services Division


(972) 208-8150

Name Title Email Phone
Austin, Nopawn Senior Housing and Community Services Coordinator (972) 208-8183
Eaden, Shanette Housing and Community Services Manager (972) 208-8198
Evans, Natalie Grants Analyst (972) 208-8235
Magallanes, Adrian Day Labor Center Supervisor (972) 941-7060
Matos, Grisenia Housing Rehabilitation Supervisor (972) 208-8234
Small, Chaniece Housing and Community Services Coordinator (972) 208-8214
Echevarria, Efren Housing rehabilitation Project Coordinator, Sr. (972) 208-8150
Miller, Paul Housing Rehabilitation Project Coordinator (972) 208-8241
Cevallos, Jennifer Housing/Community Services Coordinator  
Jenkins, Karen Housing/Community Services Coordinator  
Marsch, Keilon Housing/Community Services Coordinator