Residential Trash & Recycling Services

Environmental Waste Services division provides four separate services to Plano residents and commercial businesses:
  • Residential collections provide the collection of trash, yard trimmings, recycling, household chemicals, and bulky waste from residential customers, and collects litter from medians and rights-of-way. 
  • Customer Service assists residential customers with collection issues and questions and provides information about all services and programs offered by Environmental Waste Services.
  • Commercial Recycling promotes, educates and involves commercial customers in waste reduction and recycling programs through waste audits, technical assistance, training, and workshops. Commercial Recycling also operates an organic collections program and coordinates the City's commercial waste hauling contract with Republic Services.
  • Compost Operations & Marketing is responsible for operating the North Texas Municipal Water District Regional Composting Facilities, marketing the finished Texas Pure Products, and educating the public about the use and benefits of compost.